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Sprint Coaching with NESP

Sprint coaching for football, sprinters and all sports

Nesp training is geared towards the intermediate athlete and those moving into the senior side of their respective sports. 
The intermediate training focuses on the technical side of sprint training, including basic drills, light plyometrics, block starts and speed/speed endurance. These sessions are better suited to athletes aged 12-15 y/o, and generally run for 1 hour.

The senior training sessions, involve a more rigorous program, involving drills, plyometrics and race day fitness. These sessions are suited to all senior athletes over a wide range a sports for specific sports speed.

One on one coaching is at times available. There are times we will have a combination of seniors and intermediate athletes training together dependent on individual skill and fitness levels.

Training times are as follows:

Monday 4.30pm – 5:30  Intermediate
Tuesday 4.30pm – 5:30 Intermediate
Thursday  4.30pm – 5:30 Senior

A reduced winter program is designed to maintain a base speed and fitness level for both groups.

We train at various locations around Doncaster

NESP Sprint Coaching Sessions Include:

  • Speed development 
  • Focusing on efficient running technique 
  • Fundamental running drills
  • Race preparation




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